Who We Are?

Our Mission

To create an awesome life not only for us but all those we are able to inspire to take action and create their own adventures.

Teaching the knowledge, techniques and actions to motivate our friends (anyone we talk to) take action and create an awesome life though the adventures and challenges we go though.

Extraordinary Experiences

We all have had our challenges in life. Some of them led us down a dark and scary path. One we thought had no out.  A pit of dispair. Of hopelessness, of pain, and sorrow.

We were given a way out. A second chance at happyness. A second chance to build an awesome life by learning  from mentors who have gone before and experienced many of the same fielings.  We were taught how to get out and be happy.

We have Taken Action and Created awesome Adventures.

Our Core Values

We are builders of people. We believe  you should leave everyone you meet better than you found them. 

Because of this belief we strive to help our family, friends, and all those with whom we come in contact with.